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Bringing new people to our lifestyle. Teaching you to be safe and confident in the water so you can really enjoy our oceans, springs, aquatic life and have the tools to spend more time in the environment to spearfish, photography, or line diving.



I'm a avid waterman and have been since I was a early teenager. I've spent a lot my time spearfishing and line diving. I get so much enjoyment out of this lifestyle I want to share it and my knowledge with students so they too, can enjoy this amazing sport. Im a Florida native, local to sarasota for 28 years. My core beliefs are safety and too have fun. Ive seen accidents first hand, many that could have been avoided if divers were trained properly. Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you to meet your goals.




9415366995 best to text

if you call please leave me a msg and ill call you back.

34233 sarasota fl



Mon - Sun:

7am - 8pm


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